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YOGICHILDTM is the Art and Science of Living and is concerned with the evolution of the mind, body and spirit of teacher and student. It is dedicated to the physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual growth of all the children (young and old) of planet earth!  

YOGICHILwill greatly expand the horizons of what you think is possible, while enhancing and nourishing all aspects of your well-being. The core focus of this training is to become a Radiant Energetic Presence in the world, through the learning, practice and teaching of the YOGICHILCurriculum.

The training comprises of the 12 YogiChild Directions, which combine and balance  aspects of Yoga and Tai Chi together in one system. 

Master the Golden Dragon Tai Chi Short Form, Power Animal Yogic Exercises such as Golden Dragon Qigong, 18 Healing Sounds and Qigong sequences such as Golden Sun, Golden Dragon & Standing Like a Tree, for internal organs, meridians and energy centres as well as Deep Relaxation and Meditation techniques.

Cultivate a diamond-like invincibility by embodying the 

Three Treasures of the Universe: Power, Love and Wisdom 

and the Four Immeasurables:

Loving Kindness, Inner Joy, Generosity and Compassion.  

YOGICHILincludes deep relaxation methods, focus and concentration techniques, visualisation, stories, music, percussion, rhythm, rhyme, song, dance, science and art. We encourage daily wholesome Exercise, good Food, Air, Water, Getting Back to Nature and Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun.

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        In YogiChild & The Universal Energy Arts Academy the animal that we emphasise the most is the mythical Golden Dragon.

Through the Golden Dragon Tai Chi & Qigong Forms you can learn to embody the elements, resonate with the twelve directions and connect to your Higher Self. Learn how to boost Internal Power, cultivate Vibrant Vital Energy, a Pure Loving Heart and an Open Creative Mind.

Golden Dragons possess many magically mysterious powers and can hold the energies of Heaven and Earth. They are the embodiment of Loving Kindness, Compassion, Divine Love and Generosity and are masters of all the elements of Earth, Water, Fire and Wind.

Through practice of Golden Dragon Forms you will connect to their many potent and auspicious Powers. Develop incredible strength, courage, endurance, and learn how to manifest good luck as well as material and spiritual abundance.

The Golden Dragons represent total Oneness and are Masters of Tai Chi, the Grand Ultimate. They hold the Three Treasures of the Universe which are Power (Jing), Divine Love (Purified Chi) and Spiritual Wisdom (Shen).

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