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  Diploma Certified Training Course  


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 Universal Energy Arts & YogiChild Academy 2022 -2023 Training


YOGICHILTrain the Trainer Training will empower you to give classes to all ages of students, not only children. The quality of our health and our lives depends on what we think is possible for ourselves. YOGICHILwill greatly expand the horizons of what you think is possible, whilst enhancing and nourishing all aspects of your well-being. The core focus of this training is to become a radiant presence in the world, through the learning, practice and teaching of the YOGICHILExercises, Tai Chi, Yoga, Qigong, Healing Sounds and Meditation.

The core trainings of the course curriculum are the  Tai Chi Short Form (Golden Dragon Yin & Yang Styles), Golden Sun Qigong, Golden Dragon Qigong, Standing Like a Tree Qigong, Raja Yoga, Meditation, the Yogi Child 12 Directions and 18 Healing Sounds.

The uniqueness of this particular course is its emphasis on developing all levels of our being:  physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual. These Arts are all designed to maximize students’ potential, whilst enhancing and nourishing all aspects of their lives.

There are two ways to approach this course, for self-development or to become a certified YOGICHILteacher. Both require your inspiration, dedication and unwavering commitment. This commitment to training, practising daily and working ceaselessly on your own personal growth should not be taken lightly.  

YOGICHILsession will comprise of Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong/Chi Kung, Healing Sounds, Martial Arts, Meditation Exercises and most importantly Fun. We also practice deep relaxation techniques, mindfulness, focus and concentration techniques, visualisation, stories, music, percussion, rhyme, song, dance, science and art! 

All ages of students encouraged to participate in order to reap the myriad benefits from these healing arts. 

YOGICHILClasses are for all ages (Parents and Children).